We are developing a novel, effective and proprietary cancer treatment

Anastasis’ Technology

The technology relates to a novel treatment applicable to many cancers.

These cancers depend on rogue cells multiplying uncontrollably caused by DNA abnormalities (mutations) in important pathways involved in the generation of cancer and cancer stem cells. When there are mutations in these pathways, cancer cells and cancer stem cells, run rogue, multiply and spread uncontrollably.

Anastasis has the technology to control this process, as follows:

Take a biopsy (current procedure).

Analyse tumour tissue for critical mutations. This is a simple test using established technology.

Select patients whose tumours have critical mutations.

Treat selected patients with the matching pathway inhibitor. Anastasis has several pathways inhibitors ready for development.

The Development

The Anastasis Biotec Ltd drugs need to go through pre-clinical testing and subsequently clinical trials. Clinical efficacy data are expected in four to five years from now.

The Investment

Anastasis Biotec Ltd is raising funds in return for equity to conduct preclinical and clinical ‘proof of concept’ trials.

The Team

Anastasis Biotec has put together an exceptional team to carry the company forward to a successful outcome.

Summing up

Anastasis Biotec is developing a novel and proprietary treatment; tailor made for patients with cancers that express specific ‘cancer driving mutations’.

This treatment, by targeting specific and critical mutations, could potentially provide a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer types with significant clinical unmet need.

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